Wi-Fi Pull Cord Sensor
Wi-Fi Pull Cord Sensor
Wi-Fi Pull Cord Sensor
Wi-Fi Pull Cord Sensor

Wi-Fi Pull Cord Sensor


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Get notified when aid is needed.
With the Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi Pull Cord Sensor, help is within reach. Just connect the sensor to a Wi-Fi network with the free FS Home App, attach it to where you might need some aid. Stick it to the wall by the bathtub or shower, near a set of stairs, or by your bedside. A built-in chime will sound as soon as you pull the included cord to let anyone know you need help, and a push notification will go out to family members with the FS Home App. The Fox&Summit® Pull Cord Sensor runs on Wi-Fi, so you don’t need to worry about whether you have to purchase a hub or other gateway for it to work. You own the connection hardware already: It’s your Wi-Fi router!

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and magnetic sensor.
  • Simple 2.4GHz Wi-Fi setup with the FS Home App, which is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.
  • Push notifications & alerts directly to a smartphone or tablet once the sensor is triggered.
  • Modular device that works within the Fox&Summit® Ecosystem.
  • Trigger other Fox&Summit® products based on rules set in the FS Home App.
  • No hub needed – works anywhere you have Wi-Fi connection.
  • Built-in chime for immediate local alerts whenever the magnetic sensor is detached.
  • Alexa compatible and can be used to trigger Routines with other products that are connected to Alexa.
  • Runs on 3 AAA alkaline batteries with expected life between 6 months and 1 year.
  • Easy and inexpensive batteries to replace.
  • App-based notifications when batteries are low.
  • Batteries included with initial purchase.
  • Pairing button for easy connection to Wi-Fi.
  • LED indicator light for connection status of the sensor.
  • Includes wall mounting adhesive tape and Quick Start Guide.
Pull Cord Sensor [FS-PCS200] Quick Start Guide
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No Hub Necessary

No additional hardware needed to make your Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi Pull Cord Sensor work. Your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router is all you need!

Send Notifications When Help is Needed

Built-in Chime

Peace of Mind

Feature-rich App

Discover the full potential of the Fox&Summit® Ecosystem when you utilize the powerful features found in the FS Home App. Create notifications, groups, scenes, and rules all within the App. 

Access Your Home From Anywhere

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Rules for peace of mind

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