Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb
Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb
Fox & Summit Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb
Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb
Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb
Fox & Summit Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb RGB
Fox & Summit Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb RGB

Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb


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Simple and powerful lighting solution for your home.
Need to personalize your lighting to help set the mood? Set lighting scenes with multiple Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs from Fox&Summit®. Through the FS Home App, set the mood for movie night, dinner time, or a party. Dim, change colors, or set the brightness of single bulbs in the FS Home App based on set scenes and schedules. Set up scenes such as “home” or “away” to have the Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb change colors such as warm white to portray a homey feel, or red to alert intruders of trespassing on private property. Don’t worry about buying additional hardware to make the Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb work. You probably have it already, your Wi-Fi router. No hub needed. Works with Alexa™ and Google Assistant™.

  • Dimmable A19 Replacement Bulb fitting standard E26 base.
  • Consumes only 7-Watts.
  • Soft to Bright White Light Color Temperature (2,000-6,500K) with Adjustable RGB LEDs.
  • 300 Lumens Brightness.
  • Up to 20,000 lifetime hours.
  • Simple 2.4GHz Wi-Fi setup with the FS Home App.
  • App-based notifications & alerts directly to smartphone or tablet.
  • Controllable through the FS Home App, which is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.
  • Create custom schedules to turn on and off.
  • Control one or a group of LED Light Bulbs directly from the FS Home App from anywhere.
  • Use the free FS Home App to schedule your LED Light Bulb to brighten, dim, or change colors on schedule.
  • Modular device that works within the Fox&Summit® Ecosystem.
  • Turn on and off automatically when triggered by different Fox&Summit® sensors (sold separately) you set.
  • No hub required.
  • Works with Alexa™ and Google Assistant™.
LED Light Bulb [FS-LB100] Quick Start Guide

Need more answers about the Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb [FS-LB100] from Fox&Summit? Check our Knowledge Center here.


Use Your Voice

"Alexa, turn on porch light".

Ask Alexa™ or Google Assistant™ to control your home porch light, living room lamp, or any other light fixture you can screw in the Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb.

Mobile Device Friendly

Access Your Home From Anywhere

No Hub Required

Wi-Fi Ready Icon

Feature-rich App

Discover the full potential of the Fox&Summit® Ecosystem when you utilize the powerful features found in the FS Home App. Create notifications, groups, scenes, and rules all within the App. 

Get the App here!

Leaving a light on

Go ahead, create a scene

View a How-to Video

Group Controls

View a How-to Video
Quick Device Pairing.

Modular and Customizable

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