Standard Smart Home Bundle
Standard Smart Home Bundle
Standard Smart Home Bundle
Standard Smart Home Bundle

Standard Smart Home Bundle


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The simple starter pack for your connected home.
Easily personalize, expand, or start your connected home experience with the Fox&Summit® Standard Smart Home Bundle. It includes a Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb, a Wi-Fi Indoor Plug, a Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor, and a Wi-Fi Control Button. You can install and configure the bundle for your house, apartment, or dorm room. The out-of-the-box setup is simple with the free FS Home App, a mobile device, and your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router – no additional hub needed.

Use the bundle to control lights, electronics, or small appliances or monitor your entry ways remotely using compatible iOS & Android devices. Leverage the power of the Fox&Summit® Ecosystem with the Standard Bundle by creating notifications, groups, scenarios, and rules using the FS Home App. As a modular and customizable system, our Standard Bundle is a great way to start your connected home experience. Add a new device whenever you need it. All Fox&Summit® devices work well together.

Control Button [FS-CB100] Quick Start Guide
Indoor Plug [FS-IP100]  Quick Start Guide
LED Light Bulb [FS-LB100] Quick Start Guide
Window/Door Sensor [FS-WDS100] Quick Start Guide

Voice Control

"Alexa, turn on porch light."

Ask Alexa™ or Google Assistant™ to control your home electronics and small appliances plugged into the Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi Indoor Plug or a light fixture you can screw in the Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb.

Modular and Customizable

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Get Notified When Your Door is Opened Unexpectedly

It is a Breeze to Use

Easy Control with Just a Click


Leaving a Light On

Feature-rich App

Discover the full potential of the Standard Bundle when you utilize the powerful features found in the FS Home App. Create notifications, groups, scenes, and rules all within the App. 

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Rules for peace of mind

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Go ahead, create a scene

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