The Advantages of the Fox&Summit Ecosystem for Your Connected Home

When considering a smart home product, it is not just the device you’re buying when you pay for the device. You are also “purchasing” a mobile app-based solution to connect your smart device to the cloud and to its cloud-based platform. If you are not careful, you could end up with the most amazing piece of IoT hardware that is limited by a less than useful app and cloud platform.

At Fox&Summit, we’re dedicated to bringing a connected home ecosystem that is greater than the sum of its connected parts. Our amazing line of Wi-Fi connected devices is fully supported by our equally amazing FS Home App and cloud-based platform. One without the other is awesome but together the Fox&Summit Ecosystem is full of possibilities for your smart home.

The Hardware

Fox&Summit FS_Eco_R1

We’re committed to the idea of having a hub-free line of products. That means that you’ll never be required to buy a mysterious box that’s called a “gateway” or “bridge” or “hub” for your Fox&Summit devices to work. Our products all connect directly via your home Wi-Fi network. Our FS Home App and our cloud platform are designed for this Wi-Fi interaction, rather than working with a hub-based platform.

Without a hub, you can easily configure your smart home with one Fox&Summit device or four. It’s all up to you. Our modular ecosystem can be customized to meet your needs, whether it’s for home automation or home security.

The App

FS Home App

Our ecosystem gives our customers the ability to set up and use our products in ways convenient for them. Whether you buy one or multiple Fox&Summit devices, unlock the full potential of our ecosystem by utilizing the powerful features and controls found in the FS Home App. Like most smart home products, you’ll receive push notifications from our devices for specific events. However, you can also create schedules, groups, scenes, and rules all within the App.


Through the App, you can create and set schedules for each of your devices so that it automatically turns on or off every day during a set time.

For our Wi-Fi sensors, you can schedule when they will be "off" - meaning they won't send you push notifications or log triggers.

For the Wi-Fi Indoor Plug, you can schedule when it will be on or off. For example, lights that are connected via the Indoor Plug can be controlled to turn on 30 minutes just before you get home every workday to give the appearance that someone is home for safety purposes.

For the Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb, you can schedule when it will be on, off, what the brightness will be, and what the color will be. You can have it change color at different times of the day if you like! More useful is setting it to where it goes "dim" in the wee hours, to work as a nightlight.

Rules App Icon

Android FS Home App Rules Setting 03.01.19Our rules engine is a bit of a “If this happens, then that happens” – very simple, useful, and cool. Given that our Indoor Plug and LED Light Bulb can be activated in different ways, even cooler! Here is a good use involving a Window/Door Sensor, an Indoor Plug, and a Light Bulb (see screenshot on the left).

In the above scenario, if you open the door, on Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm, the Indoor Plug is going to use its built-in chime as an audible alert and the light bulbs are going to flash red as an alert. The LED Light Bulbs or the Indoor Plug don’t even need to be in the same location/building as the sensor!

A pro tip from Fox&Summit: You can even schedule when the rule is active.

Groups App Icon

Android App Groups Setting 03.01.19This FS Home App feature lets you control a whole bunch of devices at the same time. For example, you can turn off ALL your Indoor Plugs at the same time or set ALL of your sensors to “Alert” mode at the same time.

Fox&Summit Trivia: A group of foxes is referred to as a skulk, leash, or earth.

Scenes App Icon

Android App Scene Setting 03.01.19This feature allows you to create specific modes for your home that can control multiple Fox&Summit devices. For example, you can set an “Away” scene that turns off all your lights (i.e., bulbs and lights plugged into an Indoor Plug) AND sets all your sensors to “Alert”. That way you tap only one button to arm or disarm everything. You can also do this with our Wi-Fi Control Button!

The Cloud

The brain of the Fox&Summit Ecosystem is our cloud platform. Without getting too technical, it’s where much of the computing power for our ecosystem happens over the internet.

One of benefits of developing and managing our platform over the cloud is our ability to choose which cloud-based platforms to integrate with our ecosystem. With so many voice assistants being used every day by our customers, we’re devoted to our products working with voice assistant platforms like Google Home and Alexa. Our ecosystem works with both, and we get our products certified and approved by Amazon’s “Works with Alexa” certification program.

The Fox&Summit Advantage

We’re dedicated to OUR ecosystem. We own our software and hardware development, so each can work seamlessly together. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not depend on third-party developers for the FS Home App or the underlying cloud platform. This removes a level of complication into our development process. When we make improvements to the FS Home App and to our cloud platform, we go on our own product development roadmap and do not rely on other companies to do the development for us. We can do it quickly, so we can respond to customer suggestions, criticisms, and praise!

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