Support Bulletin 10172019-001: Pairing Failures Due to Server Issues

Is pairing failing, even using the WPS button - a.k.a. “Why won’t my product connect?

Well, it recently came to our attention that a server-side issue was preventing NEW Fox&Summit® devices from pairing through the FS Home App. Rest assured, you’re probably doing everything right and the issue was on our end.

Good news! We reset our servers and the issue is now resolved. You should now be able pair your devices.

If you also encountered the error “This Device is Not Supported” when scanning the QR code from the device itself (and not the one in the manual), then this may be related to the same server issue. Please try scanning the QR code from your device again.

If you still have issues, reach out to

Stay tuned to our Support page for updates.

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