Support Bulletin 10042019-001: Android Devices Stopped Syncing with the FS Home App

Due to an IP issue, the Android version of the FS Home App stopped syncing with our server – this made it so that when you signed into the App, your account information and devices would fail to load. In addition, you would be unable to sign out of the App.

We're sorry for this inconvenience! We had to reset our server, and it's been resolved. If you're still not seeing your devices or account information:
  1. Close the App completely.
  2. Tap the Android square button, which brings up all open apps, and close the App out that way.
  3. Open the App again and leave it open for about 30 seconds. Your devices should be back!
If that fails, uninstall and reinstall the FS Home App - all your settings are saved on the server, so you won't lose anything.

For any other questions, feel free to reach out to or check out our easy-to-search Support page:

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