A step-by-step guide to link your Fox&Summit Wi-Fi device to Alexa

Did you know Fox&Summit offer products that "Works with Alexa"? Whether you're using an Echo, Tap, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show, Alexa App, or any number of other ways to interact with Alexa, you can use it to control your Fox&Summit Wi-Fi Indoor Plugs and Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs.

Works with Alexa

How do I connect my Fox&Summit stuff to Alexa?

If you've ever added a smart home device to Alexa before, then it's the same process. The skill you'll need to search for is "FS Home" (same as the app!) and the username and password you will use to link the FS Home skill to Alexa will be the same as the one for your FS Home App.

Amazon has a great tutorial right here (Amazon.com: Connect a Smart Home Device with Smart Home Skills).

Otherwise, we've put together a little guide to link Fox&Summit devices to Alexa, in 9 quick steps, below:

1. Open the Alexa App and tap the hamburger button in the upper left.


2. Tap “Skills & Games” on the menu that pops up.


3. Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right to search for a new “Skill”.


4. Type “FS Home” into the search bar, then select the FS Home skill from the search results.


5. Select “ENABLE TO USE”.


6. Enter your login information for the FS Home App and tap “Login”.


7. Select “Authorize” to continue.


8. The skill is now linked! Tap the X in the upper left.


9. Select “Discover Devices” to have Alexa look for your FS Home plugs and light bulbs!


What can I do with Alexa?

Now that you’ve connected Alexa to your Wi-Fi Indoor Plugs and Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs from Fox&Summit, it’s time to try out the voice commands. Here are some voice commands you can try:

“Alexa, turn on/off (Light Bulb name).”
“Alexa, turn on/off (Indoor Plug name or appliance name).”
“Alexa, set (Light Bulb name) to (color).”
“Alexa, dim (Light Bulb name).”
“Alexa, set (Light Bulb name) to 25%.”
“Alexa, brighten (Light Bulb name).”

Can I arm/disarm sensors with Alexa?

That's something we're working on right now for our Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light, Window/Door Sensor, and future sensor products. Because of security considerations, it will require you to speak a PIN to disarm.

Keep in mind, we're always working on more things you can do with Alexa, so sign up for our email newsletters to get the latest tips, tricks, and news from Fox&Summit.

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