Smart, Affordable Ways to Effectively Secure Your Home Today Against Potential Intruders

As a homeowner, you have a wide range of tasks on your plate. From doing routine household chores to fixing appliances in your kitchen, it is easy to put off tasks that you “should” be doing. Often, we are trying to tackle the biggest fires, even if there are other important, yet less urgent tasks that you must take on.

One of those tasks is properly securing your home. Whether you live in a new home in the suburbs or have been living in your city apartment for years, you must take security seriously. Home security is something that you may not prioritize in your normal life, yet you will have wish you had if a break-in (or even worse) occurs.

Pixabay Burglar burglar-3718381_1920 According to the FBI, in 2017, there were 1,401,840 burglaries in the United States. Burglary victims suffered an estimated $3.4 billion in property losses, which equates to an average loss of $2,416 per burglary offense.

By acting today, you can avoid some of those feelings of regret. While a sturdy, locked door is a good start, you can do more to secure your home—all at a low price. How so? Here are several ways that you can secure your home without breaking the bank.

Affordable Ways to Secure Your Home

One easy way to begin securing your home is to purchase a window or door sensor. Window or door sensors are simple. They are easily attached to either your window or door. The sensor will connect to your Wi-Fi network and smartphone (or tablet) so that you can monitor when a window or door is open. When that window or door is opened, the sensor logs when the event occurs. This means that even if you are out on the road, you can monitor whether someone has entered your home. You can find many window or door sensors for $20 or $30, making it a cheap, yet efficient way to secure your doors and windows.

Beyond the simple window or door sensor, you can leverage additional sensors like indoor motion sensors and vibration sensors. Like window or door sensors, these sensors detect movement, yet they are located within your home. If, for example, you have a particularly sensitive room in your home (like a nursery or a study containing a safe), you can add motion and vibration sensors inside and outside those rooms to monitor whether someone is in or near that room. Again, these sensors are connected by Wi-Fi, so you can receive alerts if you are in another room or even outside your home.

Indoor Plug FS-IP100From sensors, you can use smart bulbs and smart plugs to secure your home. Smart bulbs are light bulbs with additional technology. These bulbs are controlled by Wi-Fi, meaning that you can easily tap a button in an app (or even give a voice command to your Alexa or Google Home) to turn on the bulb. With some smart bulbs, you can even change the color or brightness—all through Wi-Fi. As for smart plugs, they are outlets (again, connected to Wi-Fi) that control electronic devices that are plugged into them. Using the smart plug, you can control when the device turns on or off—or even when you open your door. A combination of smart bulbs and smart plugs can provide a deterrent effect on potential criminals, as lights and devices can be triggered at certain vulnerable times throughout the day. Along with this, they are cheap, meaning that you can equip your entire house with smart bulbs and plugs.

Finally, you can leverage outdoor motion triggered lights to secure the outside of your home. Similar to what you would see in a movie, these lights turn on when someone walks past a sensor, thereby triggering it. These lights provide an extremely effective deterrent effect. If a criminal or bad actor were to trespass on your property, the lights would automatically turn on, showing potential intruders that you are aware of their presence.

Secure Your Home Today

Security Lighting Bundle FS-BNDL2 While home security may not be your highest priority, you can quickly and affordably secure your home by purchasing and installing any or all of the tools referenced above. These tools provide both a deterrent effect to potential criminals and even potential evidence if someone does commit a crime on your property.

So what are you waiting for? We encourage you to get started today. If you want to view some additional products that can help you secure your home, we invite you to check out Fox and Summit, a company that sells home security tools. You can visit Fox and Summit’s website by clicking here.

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