Should Startups Use Influencers?

We’re an 8-month old company. Our online stores are 3 months old. In child development terms, we’re like a child that can only either roll over on its stomach or crawl around on the floor. As a brand, Fox & Summit is still in its early stages of brand building. Being so new, we can be agile (like a fox!) in how we utilize the latest marketing strategies to increase brand awareness among target consumers.

Instagram Mobile App Android Free Photo One strategy that is having its moment is influencer marketing. The American Marketing Association does not have a clear definition of the strategy; however, the concept is not new. Marketers have always used influential people to sway consumer behavior into favorable actions for the firm or brand. Salespeople or account managers cultivate relationships with buyers and other decision makers to gain favorable store placements. Celebrities are often used to endorse products or services to encourage their fans to buy. Food and movie critics wield power over restaurant and movie goers through their opinions.

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What’s different now is the power of social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others like it have democratized the types of influencers used by marketers to promote their brands. Digital influencers leverage word-of-mouth and social proofing to engage and build relationships with customers. The strength of these relationships is at the core of branding. Companies want to tap into those relationships. Startups are no different. Influencer marketing is a great way for a startup with limited resources to get the word about its brand.

What does fox say about influencer marketing? Well we say, yes! What do you have to lose?

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