Reflecting on the First Year: Setting Up Basecamp

Starting a new business is a huge step into the unknown, even if you are an experienced entrepreneur. It is very similar to standing at a trailhead. Though you may have taken the trail before, you never know what may lie ahead on the hike. It could rain. You could encounter a rattlesnake or a mountain lion (yes, we have a few roaming around here in Southern California). You might discover a new vista along the way to the summit.

When we started our Fox&Summit journey, we had to assess the market gaps and opportunities, figure out how to execute company initiatives, ready ourselves to scale quickly, choose and properly implement the right sales strategies, and navigate financial uncertainty. The uncertainty and the amount of work involved to set up our basecamp was overwhelming. On the flip side, every uncertain step forward was also rewarding and worthwhile, especially as we moved onward as a group. The experience has constantly pushed us to the limits of our individual skill sets and forced us to learn as we go. With a small team, everyone wears multiple hats. As a core team, knowing we faced challenges together and turned them into opportunities, it has made the ascent to the summit fun.

Yesterday, we celebrated our 1st year anniversary. Looking back, it has been a year filled with full on sprints, spurts of rest, and tough inclines. Admittedly, we set some pretty lofty goals from the beginning, but we geared up took them on without hesitation. The journey has not been easy or smooth. We found ourselves falling into some entrepreneurial pitfalls. Yes, we’ve made mistakes, but we’ve also reached some milestones. We developed a brand, purchased inventory to sell, got a decent sized warehouse to run our operations, and secured our online sales channels. Besides our website, Fox&Summit Wi-Fi connected devices can be found online at Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Home Depot.

We also started our inline sales process to secure a physical retail presence to grow the Fox&Summit brand. Hopefully, before you know it, you’ll see our products on store shelves. All of this got done while we started the development of our next set of Fox&Summit products like our water leak sensor. Stay tuned for product updates (and retail store announcements) as we expand our current assortment and continue to carve out our piece of the connected home market.WLS200 Coming Soon!

I truly believe we achieved a lot of things in the first 12 months, because of the core Fox&Summit team. We’ve been pushed out of our comfort zone but still pressed on. As we continue to move upward, I hope that we look back from time to time and see ourselves as clock builders and not as time tellers. Clock builders, according to Jim Collins, create a company culture that prospers beyond any single leader and cultivates many great ideas over time. We want that for Fox&Summit. We want to bring to market great products and new ideas while creating a company that is built to last.

Our achievements over the last 12 months would also be diminished without the support of our family and friends. We view Fox&Summit as our proverbial child and it definitely takes a village. A special thanks to the Fox&Summit community – our family, friends, and our customers. We hope to continue to provide you with great products and great service.

Onward, upward, and meet you at the summit!

- Vincent

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