Most Frequently Asked Questions Asked About the Wi-Fi Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light (FS-OMSL100) from Fox&Summit

What can I do with an Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light?
Like a regular outdoor motion sensor light, the light turns on when it detects motion, but this one is battery powered AND it will send notifications when it detects movement. In addition to that, you can have it trigger your porch light turning on when it detects motion, so when you pull into the driveway your porch light turns on.

Can I download the Quick Start Guide for the Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light?
You can download it right here.

What do I need to use an Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light?
You'll need a Wi-Fi network that goes far enough to reach where you want to install the device, a smartphone or tablet, and a place to mount the Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light. The Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light mounts using 3 included screws, so make sure it's a surface you can put screws into.

What Wi-Fi frequency does the Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light use?
2.4Ghz - this offers good range and low power consumption.

I need the Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light for an area with no power source but has access to Wi-Fi nearby. Does spot light need to be plugged in?
This product uses 4xD cell batteries. Batteries are not included. This is perfect for areas without power source.

Do I need any special tools to install this?
You will need a Phillips-head screwdriver, and you may need a hand drill.

Do I absolutely NEED Wi-Fi for Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light to work?
Yes! Our products NEED Wi-Fi to function. Without Wi-Fi, you can't get the benefits of push notifications from the sensor or control features from the FS Home App. The batteries will also drain quickly from the device attempting to connect to Wi-Fi.

How long are events stored on the FS Home App?
Each individual sensor has a dedicated log of 30 events in the FS Home App. If you have a motion sensor light, it will display in the app the last 30 times it detected motion. If you also have a Window/Door sensor, it will display the last 30 times it was opened and closed in addition to the 30 motion detection events from the motion sensor. Each sensor has space for 30 events in the log file.

Can I turn the light on/off with my phone?
Not on this model, no. This is primarily a motion sensor - the light will turn on/off automatically. It'll turn on for 20 seconds when it detects motion, then stay lit as long as it keeps detecting motion.

The Outdoor Motion Triggered Light includes a built-in photosensor, so it saves battery power during daylight hours. The light will not turn on if there is sufficient light, but it will still detect motion and send push notifications.

What kind of batteries does the Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light use?
The Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light uses 4 x D alkaline batteries.

How long do the batteries last on the Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light?
Given a set of 4 fresh D-cell alkaline batteries, with 20 motion detections per day (including the LEDs lighting up), the batteries should last 389 days. That's over a year before you'd need to change batteries again! More motion detection will shorten that lifespan of the batteries, less motion detection will increase it.

Where is the QR code that I need to scan to pair my Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light?
The QR code is located on the battery case, inside the light, as pictured below.


How do I open the Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light to access the QR code, insert the batteries, or change out the batteries?
First, you need to twist the front of the sensor light a few degrees clockwise to unlock it. The front cover will then come right off with the battery case attached.

To open the battery casing itself, just push in the tabs on the back side of the battery case and pull the lid off the cover.

How do I arm/disarm my sensors?
There are a few ways you can do this. Keep in mind when changing settings on sensors, each of the icons will do different things.

  1. Create a "Scene" that arms or disarms sensors.
  2. Create a "Group" that has all the sensors, and you can arm/disarm them all at once. The "Shield" means it will send an alarm push notification to your mobile.
  3. Arm/Disarm them one at a time by going to the "Sensors" tab under Devices, then tap and hold on the sensor. You'll see a few icons pop up like below. Just slide over to the mode you want the sensor to be in, and that's it!

The video below will show you all the ways you can manually change sensor modes.

How do I pair/connect my Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light?
Easy peasy, just watch the video below, it'll show you how to pair and connect it to your FS Home account.

Help! I can't get my device to pair! What can I do?
Here are a few things to try:

  1. Take out the batteries to the device for a few seconds.
  2. Take the device into the room with your Wi-Fi router, just to make sure you've got a good signal.
  3. Double check to make sure you entered your Wi-Fi password correctly.
  4. Scan the QR code as before.
  5. Make sure you power the device, then push the "Pair" button in the app within 10 seconds of powering the device. If you're having trouble with an Indoor Plug, then plug in in, wait for it to beep twice, then hold down the button on the Indoor Plug itself for 5 seconds. Once it beeps again at you, let go and push the "pair" button in the app within 5 seconds.

If all else fails, try using the "WPS" function on your Wi-Fi router. Your Wi-Fi router probably has a button that says "WPS" or has an icon on it like below. Push that button on it BEFORE step 5.

Help! My device went offline! What can I do?
Don't worry, here are a few steps to take:

  1. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is online, and that you have an internet connection on that Wi-Fi network.
  2. Swap out the batteries on the sensor, always use NEW, FRESH batteries. The sensor should reconnect automatically.
  3. Pair the Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light again - don't worry, you won't have to delete the device from your account - you'll just be reconnecting it to Wi-Fi.

What do the sensor modes mean for the motion sensor?
Each of the sensors has 4 modes, indicated by the icons below, and each one changes the type of push notification that goes out to your mobile devices on that account. You can change the modes on the "Groups" tab or on the "Sensors" tab by tapping and HOLDING on each sensor. Remember that changing the modes will not affect any rules.

Sensor Modes

Alert - This will send a loud siren-like push notification to any mobile device connected to this account. Use this one when you REALLY want to make sure you're alerted if a sensor gets tripped!
Chime - This will send a simple push notification with a sound. Good for when you're home and just want to know if something was opened or triggered.
Silent - This will send a silent push notification - you'll still get a push notification, but there won't be any sound.
Off - No push notification will be sent.


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