Introducing the Newly Improved Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor for the Connected Home

Los Angeles, California – Fox&Summit® today introduced the Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 200 (FS-WDS200), a security sensor for those safeguarding doors, windows, cabinets, or mailboxes. The contact sensor is an improvement on the bestselling Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 100, which was launched last year. The new smart sensor from Fox&Summit® is a welcome addition to its growing range of security sensors, smart plugs, and smart lighting that encourages a simpler, connected home experience.
The Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 200 is designed with utility and aesthetic sensibility in mind. Minimal markings on the device allow the sensor to be placed anywhere in home without drawing attention to itself. Subtle design details include a new button for easier pairing and an LED indicator light that lets consumers visually know the connection status of the sensor.
Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 200 WDS200_A.jpg
The smart sensor gives customers peace of mind whenever an entryway is inadvertently opened. The Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 200 comes with a built-in chime that provides an audible alert for immediate notifications to anyone at home. Through the free FS Home App, the magnetic contact sensor sends push notifications and alerts directly to a mobile device whenever the sensor status changes. Users can also mute the built-in chime through the app.

The Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 200 leverages the power of existing 2.4GHz Wi-Fi® networks to create a hub-free ecosystem that offers consumers security, safety, and home automation. This simplifies installation with a completely wireless set up and reduces cost to the consumer by eliminating the need to purchase an additional smart hub, gateway, or bridge. Customers can easily configure, customize, and scale a connected home experience that fits their unique needs.

“This entryway sensor is a huge improvement and a follow up to the success of our current Window/Door Sensor,” says Vincent Reapor, CIPO/COO of Fox&Summit®. "We not only improved the hardware design, but also incorporated our new proprietary wireless protocol that will enhance the user experience of our products moving forward.".

Each new Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 200 comes with batteries and a mounting adhesive strip for easy and flexible installation. Just connect the Window/Door Sensor 200 to Wi-Fi with the FS Home App, mount it to a door, window, or cabinet, and secure your property.

The Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 200 is currently available to customers in the U.S. from Fox&Summit® for $29.49 and will soon be available through authorized retail channels. Please visit Fox&Summit® for more products details on the Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor (FS-WDS200).

Every Fox&Summit® device works well independently. However, consumers may unlock the full potential of the Fox&Summit® Ecosystem when combining multiple devices and utilizing the powerful features found in the FS Home App. Users may create notifications, groups, scenes, and rules all within the App. For example, when the Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 200 is triggered it can activate the Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb to flash red or the audible alert from the Fox&Summit® Indoor Plug. It’s easy to setup through the rules engine in the FS Home App.

About Fox&Summit®
Fox & Summit USA, LLC., a subsidiary of Fox & Summit International Ltd., is headquartered in City of Industry, an industrial suburb of Los Angeles. Founded in April 2018 by a team with over 40 years of combined experience in the Consumer Electronics (CE) industry, its mission is to design and bring innovative solutions to consumers seeking a connected lifestyle. The design thinking at Fox&Summit® is INSPIRED by people and how they interact with a world increasingly affected by the growing number of smart devices and sensors that connect to the Internet. These Internet of Things (IoT) impact people in their homes, at work, and in their daily activities. With so much connectedness, it can be overwhelming. Our hope is to help people fully engage with this technology so that anyone can go live a CONNECTED but SIMPLIFIED life. For more information about Fox&Summit® and its line products, visit

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