How to pair a Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi device to a Technicolor Panoramic Modem Router

You got a new modem-router combo from your cable company; it was given to you when they upgraded your internet service. It is sleek, powerful, does it all, and comes with a cool name: Technicolor Panoramic.

Unfortunately, one thing it can’t seem to do well is let your new Fox&Summit® products pair to it via Wi-Fi. Obviously, it is not your fault. Fox&Summit® devices only operate on 2.4Ghz, while the Technicolor Panoramic operates on 2.4Ghz AND 5Ghz and uses the same name and password for both.

We know that’s frustrating, especially when you are trying to get Fox&Summit® products up and running so you can go off on vacation. We found that there are a few Wi-Fi routers or modem-router combos that give our products a bit of trouble, but only during pairing. Fortunately, there is a very simple workaround that will get you up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Take your Fox&Summit® device into the same room as your Technicolor Panoramic modem router.

Step 2: Without pushing, locate the WPS button on the FORWARD TOP LEFT of the Wi-Fi router (see image).Technicolor Panoramic Modem WPS Button

Step 3: Take the batteries out of your Fox&Summit® device, unplug the Wi-Fi Indoor Plug, or turn off the power to the lamp your Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb is screwed into.

Your Fox&Summit® products need to be completely unpowered when you start this pairing process.

Step 4: Connect your mobile device to your Wi-Fi network if you haven’t already.

Step 5: Open the FS Home App on your mobile device and tap the “+” in the upper right of the screen after you sign in, then tap “Start”.

Step 6: Enter your Wi-Fi network password THEN tap the image in the middle of your mobile device display that looks like a QR code.

Scan the QR code that is located on the Fox&Summit® device itself. Refer to your Fox&Summit® Quick Start Guide for the exact location.

Ready for the workaround part? Here it is:

Step 7: Press the WPS button you already located on the Technicolor Panoramic. Remember the WPS button is NOT the power button. 

Step 8: Start up your Fox&Summit® device as per the table below. Do this within 1 minute of pressing the WPS button.
Pairing Initiation Method TableStep 9: Press “Pair” in the FS Home App within 10 seconds finishing Step 8.

Follow these instructions any time you are pairing a new Fox&Summit® device, or connecting an existing one, to a Technicolor Panoramic modem router. You can try this on just about any Wi-Fi router if it has a WPS function. This will save you a LOT of trouble.

Check out the Support page for additional instructions on how to work your Fox&Summit® products.

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