Installing a Fox&Summit’s Wi-Fi Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light is the Best Choice for Outdoor Security Lighting


If you have poorly lit areas in and around your home, then installing an LED light with a motion sensor could be an easy and sensible fix. Not only will outdoor lighting help improve safety for those walking around at night, but it will deter potential crimes (e.g., vandalism) and increase functionality of an outdoor area that would otherwise be useless in the dark. Every home is a little different but here are a few areas you could potentially install motion sensor lights:

  • Walkways to your front and back doors
  • Driveways
  • Side walkways near trash and recycling bins
  • Stairways
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Swimming pools gates
  • Backyard sheds

A quick search on Google or Amazon and you’ll find hundreds of options for outdoor security lighting. How do you choose? Well, it really depends on your needs. First consider where you want to install the motion sensor lights then think through the following questions:

  • Does the area have a power source?
  • If there is no power source, do you want the security lights hardwired or wire free?
  • Do you need a professional electrician to hardwire the light fixtures?
  • If hardwiring is not an option, should you choose between a solar powered or battery-powered light?
  • Do you want a flood light or spot light to illuminate your dark areas?
  • Is utilitarian light fixture or a more decorative one more desirable?

Depending on your answers, maybe you’ll decide that the Wi-Fi Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light (FS-OMSL100) from Fox&Summit is a good choice (It’s actually Amazon’s Choice right now). It is affordable and doesn’t require professional installation. Just connect the Outdoor Motion Sensor Spot Light to a Wi-Fi network with the free FS Home App, mount it to your property with the included screws, and it’s all done. No wires, no fuss. The LED spot light turns on for 20 seconds to illuminate what’s going on and provides a warning to potential intruders that you’re aware.

If you are not convinced, here is a chart of how the Wi-Fi Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light from Fox&Summit compares to the leading brands of battery-powered outdoor sensor lights. The Leading Brand actually represents two well-known smart home brands that offer security LED lights to complement Outdoor Light Comparison Chart OMSL100_3_Comparison_V2their connected product mix. The Bestselling Brand is outdoor security lighting that can be found at your local hardware store but cannot connect to the internet and is not a smart home device.

Wireless Standard

The Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light from Fox&Summit operates on 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi frequency, which is readily available through a router in most homes with a broadband connection. The only other equipment you'll need to use the motion sensor light is a smartphone or tablet. No hub needed. As long as there is adequate Wi-Fi coverage for the area that needs light, the Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light should work well.

Fox&Summit is the first and only outdoor security light that directly connects to a Wi-Fi network. The leading brands for outdoor motion activated lights are not standalone, Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Instead, these leading brands use a bridge or hub with Wi-Fi enabled to connect to your Wi-Fi network. The security lights then communicate with the associated bridge through its own proprietary wireless protocol.

The bestselling motion sensor light uses a proprietary 433 MHz network. The 433 MHz frequency is a low-power, radio standard that has some signal range advantages over Wi-Fi. The bestselling lights use the propriety 433 MHz network to interconnect the lights and form a closed lighting system. This is useful, for example, when you have a motion sensor to trigger several lights within the network. There is no hub required for the bestselling brand, but the bestselling security lights also do not connect to the Internet.

Mobile App Features

The main difference between bestselling brand of outdoor motion lights and the smart home lights is the ability to connect to the Internet and access features through a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. The Fox&Summit Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light and the other leading brands of outdoor security lighting are smart home motion lights. With a mobile app (e.g., FS Home App for Fox&Summit), you can receive push notifications whenever your motion sensor is triggered. You can schedule specific times when to mute or silence the push notifications from your motion sensor.

The FS Home App also allows you to use “Alert” mode for the Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light. This will send a loud siren-like push notification to any mobile device connected to the FS Home App account. You can use this one when you REALLY want to make sure you're alerted if a motion sensor gets tripped!
Sensor Modes
Depending on the companion app features and other smart home devices you own, you may be able to create rules to initiate actions that are triggered by a motion sensor. For example, you can create a rule on the FS Home App, so that a Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb screwed into an entryway lamp will turn on when you trigger the motion sensor light walking up to your front door after a long day at work.

Through an app, you can create groups that include all your motion sensors, so then you can arm/disarm them all at once. This is the one feature the bestselling security light can achieve without a companion mobile app. It accomplishes groupings through its proprietary 433 MHz network.

With scenes you can set sensors, smart plugs, and smart lights to behave certain ways when you turn on the scene - like arming all your sensors for an "Away" mode. Create a "Scene" that arms or disarms sensors.

Battery Types

Common alkaline batteries are used in the Fox&Summit Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light and the bestselling brand. You could also use lithium batteries for these motion sensor lights, which means batteries for these security lights are readily available in most stores. As for the leading brands, one uses a rechargeable battery while another also uses common alkaline batteries to power its security lights.


Price is where you’ll see a clear advantage for Fox&Summit. The Outdoor Motion Triggered Spot Light retails for $24.99. The security lights from the leading brands range from $39.99 to $129.00 retail. Add the cost of the bridge and your cost rises to $130-$150. The bestselling security light, priced at about $20-$30, are comparatively inexpensive but lack the smart home features and benefits from an Internet connected motion activated light.

If you’re looking for an affordable, motion sensor light that is easy to install and manage through a mobile app, then check out the Wi-Fi Outdoor Motion Triggered Light from Fox&Summit. Go ahead, shed more light on the dark areas around your house, and feel more secure.

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