Fox&Summit® Sensors are Now Amazon Alexa Compatible!

Works With Alexa BadgeLast February, we announced (read here) that our smart bulb and smart plug (FS-LB100 and FS-IP100, respectively) were both certified by Amazon as Works with Alexa (WWA), the cloud-based voice service from Amazon. Alexa is the brain behind Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices. Using Alexa is as simple as asking a question—just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly.

When connected through the FS Home skill, the Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi LED FS Home SkillLight Bulb and Wi-Fi Indoor Plug are guaranteed to work properly with the Alexa interface. Skills add new capabilities that allow you to create a more personalized experience with your Amazon Echo, Fire TV, and other Alexa devices. When you set up Alexa skills, “enable” the skill and link your account in the Alexa App.

Today, we’re excited to announce that our entire product line of connected home sensors through the FS Home skill is now compatible with Alexa! This includes our wildly popular Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor 100 (FS-WDS100) and our new Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor (FS-WLS200). Here is a complete list of Alexa compatible sensors from Fox&Summit®:

Fox&Summit® Sensors are Now Amazon Alexa Compatible!

Watch the video below as it showcases Fox&Summit® devices controlled by the Alexa platform.

What can Alexa do for you?
Alexa lets you use your voice to control Fox&Summit® products by speaking commands through an Alexa device. There is no need to pull out your smartphone or tablet to control your smart home devices. To setup voice control to any Fox&Summit® device, enable the FS Home skill for Amazon Alexa and link your Alexa account to your FS Home account. Then just ask Alexa to turn on the light or dim the table lamp. If you need a step-by-step guide to enable the FS Home skill and link your Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi devices to Alexa, then click here.

By enabling the FS Home skill through the Alexa App, Fox&Summit® sensors can now automate a wide variety of custom-built Routines, such as:

  • Check the status of a Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi Window/Door Sensor mounted to the front door by saying, “Alexa, is the front door open?”
  • Make announcements whenever a sensor, like the Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor, is triggered. “Leak detected under sink.”
  • Play music and dim your lights when a scene is activated by a Wi-Fi Control Button. “Alexa, turn on movie night scene.”
  • Trigger Routines to control other connected smart home devices from other brands (as long their Alexa skill is enabled). For example, you can have a Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi Indoor Motion Sensor turn on a group of smart plugs and light bulbs from different brands, then turn them all off when motion is no longer being detected.
Do you want to see how to create a new Routine through the Alexa App? Watch how to setup a Routine with the Fox&Summit® Wi-Fi Windor/Door Sensor 200 in video below:

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